40 Perfect Bob Hairstyles for Round Faces

40 Perfect Bob Hairstyles for Round Faces

Not many hairstyles stand the test of time and also flatter almost anyone—and the bob is definitely one of those styles. The main reason why it’s so loved by many alludes to the endless ways to cut and style it. Regardless of your hair type and face shape, there is a bob out there for you that will look amazing with very little effort. To get you started on your journey to your perfect hairstyle, we’ve selected a collection of various bob haircuts for round faces we’re sure you’ll love and be anxious to recreate.

Consider every bob haircut you see on this list and take some handy notes on why they work well for your round face. Have fun!

1. Medium Shaggy Bob

Shaggy bob hairstyles for round faces will succeed in making your hairstyling routine as fuss-free as possible—which is always a good thing.

Shaggy Bob Hairstyles for Round Faces
Photo: @anhcotran

2. Red Bob with Soft Waves

You’ll be sure to turn heads thanks to this bob with bangs for a round face. It’s both modern and a little bit retro, meaning that it offers loads of personality and style.

Red Wavy Bob with Bangs for a Round Face
Photo: @hairbyelvisp

3. Blonde Messy Bob

Luckily, there are plenty of bob haircuts for fine hair and a round face to choose from, and here is one of the best ones to try.

Messy Bob Haircuts for Fine Hair and a Round Face
Photo: @serj_gabriel

4. Long Highlighted Bob

This long, layered bob comes to life thanks to its asymmetrical shape, wispy layers, and partial highlights. Wearing it as a peek-a-boo is very rewarding for a round face.

Long Asymmetrical Layered Bob
Photo: @desotobeautyshoppe

5. Centre-Parted Choppy Lob

A long bob for a round face can take on so many different variations, and the one you choose depends on your personal preference and hair type. However, trying out a balayage look with a lot of texture should definitely be on your list.

Long Choppy Bob for a Round Face
Photo: @belximenes

6. White Wispy Bob with Bangs

With your round face and thick hair you may think that longer lengths are more flattering, but one look at this futuristic style, and you may change your mind.

Wispy Bob a Round Face and Thick Hair
Photo: @rachelwstylist

7. Short Side-Parted Bob

The classy asymmetrical bob has worked for decades as one of the most popular haircuts for women. Asymmetry slims you down and balances your round face shape.

Short Asymmetrical Bob
Photo: @beautyinspo_erika

8. Disconnected Wavy Messy Bob

For a chubby face with a double chin, try a longer bob with side bangs and shattered waves. Highlighted ends will make your hairstyle lighter and less voluminous on the sides.

Wavy Messy Bob for a Chubby Face
Photo: @tyler_the_hairstylist

9. Blonde Mom Bob

A stacked bob is ideal for a full face, especially if the cut also features long side bangs. This neat hairstyle is too cute to pass by.

Blonde Stacked Bob for a Full Face
Photo: @ashdoescolor

10. Black Textured Lob

Those with a round face and thin hair will be happy to know there is a bob they can try. Pay attention to the slick texture and textured ends.

Lob for a Round Face and Thin Hair
Photo: @__hairbytayler

11. Short Blonde Bob with Dark Roots

One key thing to keep in mind when it comes to bob haircuts is that adding texture with layers and color keeps it from being boring.

Blonde Balayage Bob with Shaggy Layers
Photo: @eric.a.ennis

12. Strawberry Blonde Comb-Over Bob

Few haircuts come close to being as chic as the angled bob. The cut is so perfect that you really don’t need to do anything extra, just let the bob speak for itself.

Angled Tousled Comb-Over Bob
Photo: @pinkdagger

13. Messy Caramel Brown Bob

Adding messy texture to a bob not only complements a round face but also delivers that bedhead look so many women crave.

Bedhead Bob with Caramel Highlights
Photo: @belximenes

14. Black Choppy Bob

Thin hair can sometimes have trouble maintaining texture, but the key to pulling it off is to inject the texture into your hair – with razored layers like in this bob, for instance. But don’t overdo it.

Black Bob with Razored Layers
Photo: @cherise_cheveux

15. Choppy Frizzy Bob

Having a round or plumpy face doesn’t mean that short hair should be off-limits, actually, many bob haircuts should be at the top of your list…and here’s a perfect example!

Choppy Bob for a Plumpy Face
Photo: @alicearaenedesign

16. Uneven Comb-Over Bob

An asymmetrical choppy bob suits a round face because it distracts from the excessive width of your face and adds height, balancing the length-to-width ratio.

Asymmetrical Choppy Comb-Over Bob
Photo: @alexis_tressapothecary

17. A-Line Bob for Thin Hair

A short bob for a round face should always work with your face shape and not against it.

Short A-Line Bob for a Round Face
Photo: @alieskridge

18. Wavy Bob Shag

Let’s be honest, in this day and age we want to be sure our new hairstyle will look good in pictures—and this one certainly will.

Bob Shag for Wavy Hair and Round Face
Photo: @weeklyyeg

19. Black Sliced Comb-Over Bob

Cute is the word that instantly comes to mind when you see such an adorable bob haircut that is a blessing to a round face.

Cute Sliced Bob for a Round Face
Photo: @mefiu

20. Shaggy White Bob

Sometimes understated looks can be the most flattering. This one stands out but doesn’t scream.

Understated Shaggy Bob
Photo: @carlosacastellanos

21. Sleek Chocolate Bob

You can see true precision in a haircut when it is impeccably straight and sleek, just admire how perfect this blunt bob looks.

Sleek Blunt Bob
Photo: @candicecaryn_hair

22. Asymmetrical Choppy Lob

Use your thick hair to your advantage and give this special bob a try. A benefit of having thicker hair is that it responds to additional texture very well.

Asymmetrical Lob for Thick Hair
Photo: @thehairstandard

23. Shaggy Bob with Bangs

Playing with hair color and texture is an easy way to amp up your bob haircut and take it from drab to fab in a flash!

Shaggy Brunette Bob
Photo: @eric.a.ennis

24. Wavy Bob with a Middle Part

An inverted bob with a middle part slims down and elongates the round face because the face-framing pieces are the longest and cover the chubby cheeks.

Wavy Inverted Bob for a Round Face
Photo: @ginagriegohair

25. Layered Bob with Thick Bangs

You can also try short face-framing layers and long straight bangs. Surprisingly enough, they also work for a round face.

Layered Bob with Short Layers
Photo: @balayageandbridalbytricia

26. Dark Blonde Messy Lob

Deciding to try a long bob is a very good choice because you get to experiment with a cute haircut without sacrificing too many inches.

Messy Lob for a Round Face
Photo: @manemisfit

27. Brown Curly Bob

Say goodbye to the thought that those with naturally curly hair can’t rock a bob. Check out the proof that they can right here.

Bob for Naturaly Curly Hair and a Round Face
Photo: @ashdoescolor

28. Asymmetric Red and Pink Bob

For all you ladies out there who use an edgy, funky haircut to express your personality, it doesn’t get any better than a colorful asymmetrical bob.

Colorful Asymmetric Bob
Photo: @alexandraefst

29. Wavy Peek-a-Boo Bob

Once again, here is a great example of why a side part is a blessing for a round face. Just look at how it improves the proportions of the face.

Wavy Bob with a Side Part for a Round Face
Photo: @shapeshifter_hair

30. Asymmetrical A-line Bob

Channel your inner supermodel with a bob haircut that is guaranteed to put you at the forefront of any activity.

A-line Bob Haircut for a Round Face
Photo: @pompandproper

31. Black Bob with Wispy Bangs

Sometimes you want to soften a bold haircut or hair color by pairing it with a delicate element, which is what the wispy bangs provide here.

Wispy Black Bob with Bangs
Photo: @megumicolor

32. Side-Parted Messy Lob

A little bit of tousle and diagonal lines can revamp your look and upgrade an outgrown bob you may be getting bored with.

Messy Outgrown Bob for a Round Face
Photo: @ericakeelen_hair_love

33. Crisp Shaggy Blonde Lob

It has thickness, texture and a whole lot of attitude. You honestly don’t need any other reasons to give it a try at your next hair appointment.

Shaggy Lob for a Round Face
Photo: @hsampson.sb.chatthair

34. Sleek Red Lob with Bangs

The hair color is rich and the styling is sleek and sophisticated, not to mention it’s great for a round face.

Lob with Bangs for a Round Face
Photo: @deniphair

35. Short Razored Bob

Yet another example of how a new hair color can literally transform a haircut and make it a head-turner.

Chin-Length Razored Bob Haircut
Photo: @soniagonzalezcolor

36. Short Bob with Curtain Bangs

Think of these bangs as curtains for your face because they rise in the centre and fan outward, meaning that they won’t add bulk to your round face.

Bob with Curtain Bangs for a Round Face
Photo: @xelamack

37. Wispy Messy Bob

It’s very soft and feminine, allowing you to take it from the office to a night out with ease.

Feminine Messy Bob for Thin Hair
Photo: @maygovintage

38. Long Angled Bob

A bob in a longer length is an opportunity for you to showcase how playing with angles can benefit a round face.

Angled Bob for a Round Face
Photo: @dominicmichaelsalon

39. Wavy Blonde Lob

Add as many waves as you want to this fun, flirty bob that practically begs to be touched.

Flirty Blonde Lob with Loose Waves
Photo: @hair.by.bri

40. Asymmetrical Angled Auburn Bob

The deep side part, the rich auburn color, and the perfectly angled cut with extreme asymmetry make this bob the absolute show-stopper.

Asymmetrical Angled Bob for a Round Face
Photo: @morresi_hair_stylist

The great possibilities of bob haircuts for round faces are right at your fingertips. All you need is a little research to find the perfect style for you. Additionally, remember that a haircut also has a way of invoking a new sense of confidence, so take yourself out of your comfort zone and try something totally new.