40 Pixie Haircuts for Round Face to Bring You Ease & Beauty

40 Pixie Haircuts for Round Face to Bring You Ease & Beauty

Normally you don’t easily get a really bad pixie cut for round faces because pixies are one of those hairstyles that “know” how to bring the best in you. We’re here to help you with your choice. What should it be? Short or long pixie, with or without bangs? Red, dark or blonde?

1. Bright Piece-y Pixie

If you decide to grow your hair back after a very short haircut, this hairstyle will help you make the transition. Also, the beautiful red color will look stunning on you if you tweak the hue to flatter your complexion.

Piece-y Pixie for Round Faces
Photo: @maygovintage

2. Layered Pixie with Undercut

Such a haircut can give you a fresh girlie look you’ll love. It will dim the idea of a round face and soften your prominent features.

Undercut Pixie for a Round Face
Photo: @kat.ginga

3. Long Choppy Pixie Hairstyle

Sweep your bangs to one side and get a sweet blonde color. Longer layers elongate your face shape and make it look oval.

Choppy Pixie with Long Bangs
Photo: @arrojotribeca

4. Textured Mauve Pixie Cut

The short textured pixie haircut goes hand in hand with a beautiful mauve color. This hairstyle looks so well with glasses and with chunky earrings.

Short Textured Pixie with Glasses
Photo: @ericakeelen_hair_love

5. Gray Choppy Undercut Pixie

This short pixie is an eye-catcher. Check the uneven cropped bangs and undercut, not to mention the color!

Undercut Gray Pixie with Cropped Bangs
Photo: @pinkdagger

6. Half Shaved Pixie

This is a pixie cut for a round chubby face that will certainly change your appearance. You can use a bright color such as red and keep your sides shortly trimmed.

Pixie Cut for Round Chubby Face
Photo: @raularaujohair

7. Messy Pixie Hairstyle

If you want an astonishing look, embrace some grain blonde highlights and keep your bangs extra-long and styled diagonally. This is a perfect look for a woman with a round face.

Messy Pixie with Extra Long Bangs
Photo: @cutnj

8. Long Pixie Cut for Round Face

For someone with thick wavy hair, this hairstyle is quite a find. It’s both long and short, straight and wavy, shiny and subdued.

Long Pixie for Round Face and Thick Wavy Hair
Photo: @emilyandersonstyling

9. Super Short Pixie

If you want to keep your forehead clean, a very short crop can help you do that. This is a perfect choice if you don’t want to spend long minutes fixing your hair in the morning.

Very Short Pixie for a Round Face
Photo: @shorthair.losangeles

10. Classic Brunette Pixie with Bronze Highlights

This regular pixie haircut goes hand in hand with some brightening bronze highlights! They will perfectly blend with your naturally dark hair and give you a spectacular look.

Classic Pixie for Dark Hair and Round Face
Photo: @the.mindful.barber

11. Messy Pixie

If you are more into a rockstar look, this hairstyle will help you get a mesmerizing transformation. Spike up your bangs and you’ll get the look you crave for.

Messy Pixie with Spiked Up Bangs
Photo: @demetriusschool

12. Wavy Short Pixie Hairstyle

Short wavy hair is so easy to style, and it will give you a glamorous look after a quick wash and a bit of product applied to wet hair.

Short Wavy Hair for Round Faces
Photo: @hairbymakaylao

13. Half Shaven Pixie with Bangs

A hot color, like ginger blonde, for instance, is everything you need for your pixie hairstyle if you want to draw everyone’s attention to your brand new look.

Short Ginger Blonde Pixie
Photo: @courtneyxcentrichair

14. Dark Red Comb-Over Pixie

A color like this can make you stand out from the crowd wherever you go. The cut doesn’t need much styling, just comb your bangs over and use some hair spray. Keep your hair very short in the back and longer in the front.

Comb-Over Pixie for Round Faces
Photo: @luxethecolourlounge

15. Layered Blonde Pixie for Fine Hair

This hairstyle will make you look like your hair is never your concern. It’s flawless, no matter what you do.

Pixie for Fine Hair and a Round Face
Photo: @dyachenkohairstyle

16. Punk Pixie

Do you want to be a real badass? Start with your hair! You’ll spread your confidence wherever you go. Get a short ash blonde pixie and use some hairspray to style your hair up into a fauxhawk.

Ash Blonde Pixie Fauxhawk
Photo: @katiedonaldson_bliss

17. Plus Size Choppy Pixie

An undercut pixie is a pretty bold hairstyle that only a confident girl can pull off. Add some highlights to the ends of your bangs to soften the fierce look.

Choppy Pixie Undercut for Plus Size Women
Photo: @pixierqueen

18. Curly Pixie Cut

Emphasize your curls with a well-shaped tapered hairstyle to make them tight and well defined. Ringlets can be hard to handle but with a proper hairstyle, the “beast” will be tamed.

Tapered Pixie Cut for Curly Hair
Photo: @ruthsoeiro_studiodebeleza

19. Chic Choppy Pixie with Angled Sideburns

Black hair can look healthy and have a particular shine other colors don’t have. This pixie haircut really makes your locks perfect with loads of texture and height flattering for a round face.

Black Choppy Pixie for a Round Face
Photo: @denyvir

20. Messy White Blonde Pixie

This is probably the best pixie! Why? Just because it’s the kind of hairstyle that doesn’t need much styling and looks great with only a tousle.

White Blonde Pixie with Messy Layers
Photo: @nikkimcafee

21. Neat Short Ash Blonde Pixie

We know, it’s a real pleasure to style your hair within some 5 minutes in the morning. Not only does this haircut look great, but it also helps you with your morning routine.

Neat Short Pixie for a Round Face
Photo: @susanleestylist

22. French Pixie

Who said a woman can’t look sexy with short hair? This hairstyle will add a nice glamorous touch to your look in the blink of an eye.

Sexy Choppy Pixie for Fine Hair
Photo: @danicutshair

23. Sliced Tapered Gray Pixie

Layers can give dimension to any type of hair. This fine hair has been given a new lease of life with sliced layers and a sophisticated gray color.

Gray Pixie with Sliced Layers
Photo: @lizbeth.hairstylist

24. Very Short Textured Pixie

This hairstyle is perfect for someone who wears glasses daily. Flip your bangs to one side and you’re good to go.

Short Textured Pixie for a Round Face with Glasses
Photo: @jmizhair

25. Pixie with Uneven Fringy Front

If you think your short cut is too plain, add it interest with an uneven edge that blends sideburns and a fringe.

Pixie with an Uneven Fringe
Photo: @maarithairstyling

26. Bob to Pixie Transformation

Get a long razored pixie haircut as a base and complete your glamorous look with a soft, subtle balayage.

Long Razored Pixie with a Subtle Balayage
Photo: @maygovintage

27. Two-Tier Sliced Pixie

If pink is your color but you don’t want to make your hairstyle too eccentric, use just a pinch of it. This way you’ll get some amazing reflections.

Sliced Blonde Pixie with a Pink Tint
Photo: @laboratorie

28. Bright Blonde Pixie

Give yourself a fresh new look by getting a short pixie and a color change. You can use a bright shiny blonde that will completely transform you.

Shiny Blonde Choppy Pixie
Photo: @hairbynickadams

29. Layered Pink Pixie

For thin hair, think of something extraordinary, both in the cut and color. Try a contrast of lengths and baby pink color, for instance.

Pixie for Thin Hair and Round Face
Photo: @ryabchik.moscow

30. Very Short Choppy Pixie

This is one of the best short pixie cuts for round faces because it’s cute, textured, and free of unnecessary frills. It’s so easy to wear!

Short Pixie Cuts for Round Faces and Straight Hair
Photo: @shorthair.losangeles

31. Lavender Pixie with Extra Long Bangs

For a brilliant effect like this, try a soft, feminine color and get a long pixie cut that will make you feel like a new person.

Long Lavender Pixie Cut
Photo: @hairbyac_alcorn

32. Teased Feathered Pixie Crop

Short hair can also mean sexy! This hairstyle frames your face and, being bold, distracts from its shape.

Pixie Crop for a Round Face
Photo: @birdhousenyc

33. Straight Choppy Pixie

Once in a while, every woman needs a big change, and a pixie haircut might be the answer. The pixie with choppy layers for straight hair looks very edgy.

Choppy Pixie for Straight Hair and a Round Face
Photo: @xelamack

34. Textured Pixie with Undercut

If you want a pixie cut as marvelous as this one, the contrast of an undercut and textured layers works, even for flat-looking fine hair.

Undercut Pixie for Fine Hair
Photo: @laboratorie

35. Fun Feathered Pixie

Lots of feathered layers throughout will bring the desired texture and lightness to your thick hair.

Pixie with Feathered Layers for Thick Hair
Photo: @the.hair.extraordinaire

36. Layered Dark Pixie

Layers make even short hair look more defined and with lots of volume. This textured cut creates height and balances the round face.

Layered Pixie for a Round Face
Photo: @demetriusschool

37. Pixie with a Splash of Color

Don’t be afraid to play with your favorite colors. Get a pixie that is long enough for you to use different shades in your hair. Auburn and pink make a soft contrast and a splash of yellow is an unexpected, stunning twist you don’t come across every day.

Auburn and Pink Pixie with a Yellow Accent
Photo: @sdryhair

38. Dynamic Razored Pixie

We all recognize a great pixie haircut when we see it and this is one of them. The color and texture are fantastic, and it’s easy to style and wear. What do you want more?

Easy to Style Pixie for a Round Face
Photo: @thelostkiiddoeshair

39. Neat Pixie Crop

Your short haircut for a round face may be very basic, but it should be tailored to flatter and bring you the ease of styling.

Short Basic Pixie for a Round Face
Photo: @mefiu

40. Gray Pixie with Side-Swept Layered Bangs

A piece in front of the ear is the key element of a short cut for a round face. It works in pair with diagonal bangs to make your face much slimmer.

Pixie with Side Bangs for a Round Face
Photo: @sydrossdoeshair

A pixie cut for a round face can beautifully frame your face and make you forget about the long morning routine. Save the haircuts and hair color ideas you’ve liked the most and show them to your stylist at your next salon appointment.