Second life for old bottle of nail polish

Second life for old bottle of nail polish

In this modern world, people want to follow the fashion trends among all manicure, nail coloring is widely used by all women in common. The nail polish and nail coloring is used for doing many nail arts and make the nails to have attractive look. However, once the nail polish solution is over people would throw away the bottle and go for other nail color.

As a small change the empty nail polish bottles can be re- used into creative and useful way.

clean nail polish bottle

How to re-use the empty nail polish bottles?

Many can think what can do with old nail polish bottles? To the surprise here are some exciting creative works with old and empty nail polish bottles are listed below.

Step 1: Whatever the work may be the first and initial think is to clean nail polish bottle. One can use thinner or nail color remover just pour some solution inside the bottle, wait for some time and rinse the bottle. The bottle would be clean without having any nail polish stains.

Step 2: the cleaned bottle can be used as decorative mini vase just by decorating the bottle with other nail color, fill them with attractive decorative stone and add some artificial bush.

Step 3: it can also used as nail polish remover container just pouring nail removing solution or thinner to the clean bottle and can be re- used.

Step 4: the cleaned bottle can be filled with olive oil and used for nail coats which helps the nail to grow healthy. If people wish to have warm olive oil then the bottle can be placed inside hot water to have warm oil.

old bottle of nail polish

Step 5: one can make their own nail polish color with eye brow shades choose a perfect eye shade color and nail polish colored one or plain color. Add the powder or crushed eye shades into the bottle with several drops of nail polish and shake well the bottle to have new color nail polish.

Step 6: the nail polish bottle is with strong base so it is a perfect choice for travel storage. While travelling people can use these bottles to store shampoo, makeup powder or liquid, detergent powder or liquid and even more. Only thing should be taken care is screw the lid of bottle tighter enough.

Apart from the above methods it can be used for storing craft decorative items or fill those with glue dispenser or it can be used for store decorative gem stones. By these methods one can re-use the nail polish bottle in useful way.