40 Edgy Short Hairstyles for Round Faces

40 Edgy Short Hairstyles for Round Faces

Finding a hairstyle that fits your face shape and enhances your best features can be hard. Especially, if you are in search of short hairstyles for round faces. No need to live with a haircut you don’t particularly like – find your perfect match right here. Read below to find your dream haircut!

1. Sexy Jagged Bob

Adding subtle highlights to your bob can enhance your look in seconds. Try going for a warm brown color if you have dark hair, and bronde if you have lighter hair.

Warm Brown Bob with Jagged Ends
Photo: @g_deodato

2. Pearl Blonde Choppy Crop

Ladies with thin hair may try the spiky top and sliced fringe look. It’s edgy, but with a playful touch.

Edgy Pearl Blonde Crop for Thin Hair
Photo: @davidsolis22

3. Dark Chocolate Feathered Pixie

The maximum volume on the crown, side-swept bangs, and nice sideburns balance out the round face. Enhance the effect with a graphic make up.

Feathered Pixie with Side Bangs for a Round Face
Photo: @lauren_cockerham_hairstylist

4. Layered A-Line Bob

Long layers look so chic on bob cuts and you can make the longest pieces in the front work for your face shape. The cut oozes some seriously flirty vibes.

Chic A-Line Bob for a Round Face Shape
Photo: @redbloomsalon

5. Very Short Cut with a Feathered Fringe

We love how playful the top of her hair looks while the extra short sides give a peek of a badass!

Feathered Pixie with Extra Short Sides
Photo: @shorthair.losangeles

6. Sassy Pixie Bob

The cute asymmetrical pixie bob gives you the freedom to style it however you like. Ladies with thick hair can blow out it straight and create a deeper side part to lend more body and texture to one side.

Pixie Bob for Thick Hair and a Round Face
Photo: @courtneyxcentrichair

7. Beachy Bangs

We love a good beachy wave that we can take with us in the colder months. Use your straightener or a crimper to create beautiful waves.

Choppy Beachy Bob with Bangs
Photo: @weeklyyeg

8. Two-Tone Asymmetrical Pixie

Use washable hair dyes to create a fun and safe style. Jazz it up for Halloween or whenever you want a temporary change!

Fun Asymmetrical Pixie for a Round Face
Photo: @efedorenko85

9. Pixie ft. Baby Bangs

Cute baby bangs frame your face and enhance your cheekbones with one cut. Add dry shampoo to get more grip and texture in your choppy layers.

Cute Choppy Pixie with Baby Bangs
Photo: @natjtmhair

10. Messy Chin-Length Bob

Treat yourself to a chic color change and chop this season. Short haircuts for women with round faces vary between pixies and bobs. Take a basic cut and make it your signature hairstyle!

Short Bob Haircut for Women with Round Faces
Photo: @maygovintage

11. Center-Parted Bob

If you have a short neck and round face, the right haircut can easily fix this issue. Let your hair be short in the back and get longer towards the front, with the longest pieces framing your face. This short neck hair length is the best choice.

Bob Short Neck Hair Length
Photo: @whatsbraiding

12. Cropped Piece-y Bob

Short hair is not a problem for a round face if you complete your crop with long side bangs. Piece-y layers and highlights are also flattering and rewarding for your face shape.

Short Bob with Long Side Bangs
Photo: @rickystyles_

13. Short Curly Pixie

To balance a heavy jawline, try a textured cut. Use a curl cream and a diffuser to get those textured curls and perfect your style.

Curly Textured Pixie Cut
Photo: @salonhelle

14. Messy Red Curls

For bigger curls, use a small curling iron or rollers and style some fun fluffy waves. Hold your hair around the curling iron for about 10 seconds and finger comb it to make it voluminous.

Red Curly Messy Pixie Hairstyle
Photo: @ashdoescolor

15. Razored Bob

Ladies, this short hairstyle for a round face and thin hair ticks all the boxes. It boosts the volume of your hair, slims down your face, and catches our eye with bright highlights.

Short Bob Hairstyle for a Round Face and Thin Hair
Photo: @gumdrophairdressing

16. Clean Short Cut

If you are young, beautiful, and have a chubby, round face, don’t shy away from a short razored cut that shows off your best features.

Extra Short Cut for a Chubby Round Face
Photo: @judeviola

17. Sleek Blunt Bob

Shifting your part off center can dramatically create a new vibe for you. Straighten your hair to see how chic you’ll look with your new ‘do.

Chic Blunt Bob with Off Center Part
Photo: @araako

18. Pixie for Wavy Hair and Round Face

Keep your sides short and the top of your hair longer so you can style it however you want.

Wavy Pixie for a Round Face
Photo: @weeklyyeg

19. Long Tapered Pixie with Bangs

The tapered pixie is one of the most popular modern short cuts and it’s good for a round face with glasses.

Tapered Pixie for a Round Face with Glasses
Photo: @hairbyjennashields

20. Voluminous Bob with a Deep Side Part

When it comes to shorter hair, a popular go-to is a messy bob and we know why – it’s gorgeous! A bob looks beautiful on all face shapes, especially round faces.

Popular Messy Bob for Round Faces
Photo: @hairbysquare

21. Teased Tapered Pixie

Who says you can’t curl super short hair? The best thing about having a short layered cut is that you can use a small curling iron to get that textured curl you’ve been missing.

Tapered Layered Pixie
Photo: @val.vincent_

22. Classic Bob with Bangs

Straight front bangs never go out of style! You’ll look super chic and trendy with this look – it is timeless.

Timeless Bob with Straight Front Bangs
Photo: @whatsbraiding

23. Choppy Ash Blonde Bob

We can’t get over the beauty of stylish loose waves on shorter cuts. It can take your hair from a fresh office look to a flirty date night style.

Choppy Bob with Loose Waves
Photo: @courtneyxcentrichair

24. Asymmetrical Pixie with Swoopy Bangs

Volume, volume, volume! Make sure you are using a volumizing shampoo and conditioner if you are lacking body.

Lob to Asymmetrical Pixie Transformation
Photo: @leahfittsbeautydesign

25. Textured Bob

Long shaggy layers of medium bobs are so sexy! Adding some dry shampoo after styling will help get that grunge, textured look.

Grunge Bob Hairstyle
Photo: @marcostrueba_hair

26. Rocker Cut

A piece-y black pixie can brighten you up miraculously! If you’ve never thought about dying your hair a darker color, you should consider it!

Piece-y Black Pixie Cut
Photo: @melistarr

27. Voluminous Blonde Bob

To get the height you want, spray dry shampoo or texture spray after styling. If you are blowing out your hair, make sure not to straighten it too close to the root.

Voluminous Bob for a Round Face
Photo: @lera_pokerfaced

28. Cute Feathered Pixie

Choose a shorter length with textured layers and bangs to frame your beautiful features. Keep your hair hydrated and healthy to have your whole look radiant.

Textured Feathered Pixie
Photo: @rebecca_inthelab

29. Pixie for Thin Hair

Spiky short locks look great on thin hair because you can really have control over how you style it.

Short Spiky Pixie
Photo: @caitlinsenna

30. Bob with Chic Waves

“A woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life”- Coco Chanel. Embrace your new vibe with a cut that matches your mood.

Chic Choppy Bob with Waves
Photo: @ruthtedmorihair

31. Purple Haze

We love how different the subdued purple and platinum make this pixie cut look. It gives us major edgy vibes we can’t get enough of this season.

Purple Pixie with Platinum Bangs
Photo: @apostoldiana

32. Razored Inverted Lob

Keep hair shiny and healthy by using an anti-frizz cream before and after styling. You can use a curling iron or a straightener to create loose waves.

Inverted Lob with a Razored Finish
Photo: @ruthtedmorihair

33. Bangin’ Blonde

If you’re debating on whether or not to get bangs – go for it. Your hair will grow out if you don’t love it but think of how chic and playful your vibe will be.

Blonde Bob with Straight Bangs
Photo: @ashdoescolor

34. Feathered Pixie with Sideburns

The textured layers on top and elongated sideburns are slimming for the round face. Having a hairstyle that enhances your best features and flatters your complexion means you’ve found the right one.

Feathered Pixie for a Round Face
Photo: @eliasvelloso

35. Shaggy Bob with Side Bangs

A fringy jaw-length cut turns your ordinary bob into a playful, chic ‘do. Wear it for work or a fancy dinner – the possibilities are endless.

Shaggy Jaw-Length Bob with Bangs
Photo: @bridgesandco

36. Tousled Pixie with Piece-y Bangs

The piece-y look is so trendy and it’s easy to achieve with a layered cut. Blow out with a round brush and make sure to use an anti-frizz cream to keep your hair voluminous all day long.

Layered Piece-y Pixie Cut
Photo: @hairbyjackie_g

37. Pixie with Very Long Bangs

To nail this cute style for thin hair, get long layers in the front so you can have a sweet side part with extra-long bangs. Tame flyaways with a bit of anti-frizz cream or hairspray.

Cute Pixie with Bangs for Thin Hair
Photo: @meghanj_hair

38. Accurate Steeply Angled Bob

Have your angled cut start a little above your collarbone to make it pop. Style it super straight to see the angled layers clearly.

Straight Angled Collarbone Bob
Photo: @ambermaariee

39. Asymmetrical Peek-a-Boo Bob

Asymmetry and side bangs are slimming. Use both tricks if you want a surefire hairstyle choice. Add steep angles to your cut to make it even better.

Slimming Asymmetrical Bob with Side Bangs
Photo: @hairmyway_

40. Textured Pixie

As we see, textured vs sleek for a full face easily wins. A popular style for pixies but it’s a staple for a reason! Use pomade or texture cream to get those spikes perfect.

Textured Pixie for a Full Face
Photo: @brianhickman1

Finding a short hair look for a round face can be hard but hopefully, our list will help you out! Whether you get a lob, bob, or pixie, we know you will look amazing. Don’t be afraid of going shorter the next time you are at a salon.