40 Stylish Haircuts for Thin Hair and a Round Face

40 Stylish Haircuts for Thin Hair and a Round Face

Just because you have thin hair doesn’t mean that you can’t rock stylish looks, the same goes for a round face—which can also be balanced out by a proper haircut. You should never feel like your hair or your face shape aren’t good enough or considered less beautiful than others. Finding the best haircuts for round faces and thin hair is definitely not as difficult as it may seem—and besides, once you figure out your perfect look, there will be no turning back to your old hairstyles.

So, sit back and take a look at these haircuts for round faces and thin hair and finally embrace the beauty you were born with.

1. Textured Choppy Bob

One of the best short hairstyles for round faces and thin hair is an expertly cut bob that frames your face and gives the illusion of fullness to your strands.

Short Choppy Bob for Round Faces
Photo: @arrels.perruqueria

2. Medium Tousled Waves

At first, everyone will notice the ice-blonde hair color, but then they won’t be able to take their eyes off the stylish and flattering haircut that works wonders for your thin hair and round face.

Medium Hair with Tousled Blonde Waves
Photo: @erin.boha

3. Wispy Bob with Bangs

If you have very thin hair, it may seem impossible to find a haircut that makes the most out of your delicate strands. Luckily, a medium bob like this is the perfect solution to your worries.

Bob with Bangs for Very Thin Hair
Photo: @bleachedandblown

4. Textured Pixie

There are few styles that complement thin hair better than a textured pixie cut. Since this style doesn’t rely on natural thickness, it’s ideal for your hair.

Short Textured Pixie Cut
Photo: @psandyautryartistry

5. Long Chocolate Bob

This rich brown lob haircut is absolutely stunning for those who have a round, chubby face because the deep side part slims down your face and brings out its best features.

Lob Haircut for Round Chubby Face
Photo: @morgan.mecca.hair

6. Messy Beachy Bob

Not only is a choppy bob for a round face, thin hair a great haircut choice, it’s also incredibly easy to style. A messy look such as this requires just a few loose waves and a bit of texturizing product.

Messy Bob for a Round Face, Thin Hair
Photo: @anhcotran

7. Soft Waves

Sometimes less is more, especially when you want your hair look fuller than it actually is. A lovely option of mid-length hairstyles for thin hair and round face is the soft flow of loose waves with choppy ends.

Mid-Length Thin Hair for a Round Face
Photo: @ryabchik.moscow

8. Classic Layers

Wanna know a hairstyle that round faces and fine, thin hair can benefit from? Well, look no further because it’s right here. Classic layers placed throughout the hair are a dream come true!

Medium Hairstyle with Layers for Round Faces
Photo: @ashdoescolor

9. Soft Asymmetrical Bob

You may assume that if you have a round face and thin hair, short hair is something you should stay away from, but that is far from true. Just check out how cute this cut looks.

Asymmetrical Short Hair for a Round Face
Photo: @manemisfit

10. Center-Parted Beach Waves

You can never underestimate the power of beach waves. No matter your hair type or face shape, they always work.

Medium Beach Waves for Thin Hair
Photo: @eastonhair

11. Shag with Shadow Roots

A modern cut for thin hair needs only one thing to make it stand out from the crowd—and that’s a ton of well-placed layers for movement, depth, and face-framing.

Shag for Thin Hair and a Round Face
Photo: @donovanmillshair

12. Sun-Kissed Textured Lob

You’ll find it very difficult to stop looking at yourself with this head-turning hairstyle. It’s current, sexy and, most of all, easy to achieve.

Modern Lob with Sun-Kissed Highlights
Photo: @anhcotran

13. Sleek Long Bob

If something always works, there’s no need to change things. Thin straight hair and a round face can easily benefit from a sleek lob style that softly frames your face and elongates its proportions.

Long Bob for Thin Straight Hair
Photo: @heatherhernandezhair

14. Messy Side-Parted Lob

Got thin, curly hair and a round face? Try a choppy lob without bangs. Its long silhouette and messy texture will give you the desired slimming and volume-boosting effects.

Choppy Lob for Thin, Curly Hair and a Round Face
Photo: @chrisjones_hair

15. Textured Short Bob

The best haircuts for thinner hair and a rounder face are often those that have just a bit of drama to amp things up—and trying this haircut is a good start.

The Best Short Bob Haircut for a Round Face
Photo: @shorthairbyshawni

16. Asymmetrical Choppy Bob

Looking through the best cuts for your thin hair and round face you’re likely to come across several worthy options—this one is a very appealing choice.

Best Cut for Thin Hair and a Round Face
Photo: @crystalszhao

17. Red Straight Bob

A deep side part has a way of adding an instant style boost to your hair, especially if you have a round face and thin, wispy strands.

Bob with a Side Part for a Round Face
Photo: @hair_beat

18. Long Straight Hair with Bangs

The truth is that bangs for thin hair and a round face should be one of your go-to tricks. They frame your face in a lovely way and balance the longer length of the delicate fine hair.

Bangs for Long Thin Hair and a Round Face
Photo: @elizabeth_at_vain

19. Deep Red Textured Cut

This layered haircut is brought to life and given a dose of personality with a spicy color and tousled styling.

Medium Red Layered Haircut
Photo: @cami_m.hair

20. Pixie with Layered Peek-a-Boo Bangs

The pixie haircut takes a lot of confidence to pull off since it’s so short, but if you’ve got the guts, it’s a fabulous start.

Pixie Haircut with Peek-a-Boo Bangs
Photo: @lera_pokerfaced

21. Sliced Wavy Bob with Highlights

Well-placed balayage highlights combined with the proper style can elevate your thin hair to the heights you’ve never thought were possible…and this is proof.

Sliced Wavy Bob for Thin Hair
Photo: @ruthtedmorihair

22. Fun Center-Parted Shag

What’s more volume-boosting than a shag? From practically every angle this haircut for long, thin hair and a round face looks good, so be prepared to take lots of pictures to show it off.

Fun Medium Blonde Shag
Photo: @timm.morrison

23. Feathered Cut with Arched Bangs

For a round face that lacks defined angles, it’s nice to choose a cut with a bit of edge—and some straight, wispy, feathered ends are a good way to go.

Straight, Wispy, Feathered Cut with Bangs
Photo: @hairbyac_alcorn

24. Tousled Platinum Bob

Thin hair needs a good shake up to look voluminous and dynamic. Achieve it with a layered cut, a tousled hairstyle, and a vibrant color flattering for your skin tone.

Voluminous Layered Bob for Thin Hair
Photo: @saulinosmithsalon

25. Dark Blonde Choppy Crop

Drawing the eye down tricks us into thinking that your round face is much slimmer and more angular.

Straight Choppy Bob for a Round Face
Photo: @prissyhippiebeautyshop

26. Cropped Cut with a Middle Part

It may seem simple on the surface, but this adorable haircut is actually all you need to get the best from your thin hair and round face.

Lob with a Middle Part for Thin Hair and a Round Face
Photo: @tianatrotz

27. Honey Blonde Waves

Take you thin hair up a dozen notches by adding some easy waves all over to give it the fullness it lacks.

Blonde Bob with Easy Waves
Photo: @ashdoescolor

28. Mermaid Waves

Every woman secretly wants to live out her mermaid dreams, and now you can do it with the right amount of big waves placed throughout your soft hair.

Long Blonde Hair with Big Waves
Photo: @hairbymarissasue

29. Short-to-Medium Shag with Bangs

A shorter shag gives more movement to your thin hair and just enough edge to frame your round face. Add piece-y bangs and a nice smile for the perfect result.

Short Shag with Bangs for Thin Hair
Photo: @akadasalon

30. Waves with Dark Roots

Going with a balayage is a great way to make your thin hair appear much thicker. Also, adding a few waves never hurts.

Long Bronde Balayage Hair with Waves
Photo: @brianaguilarhair

31. Super Short Pixie

Only the truly daring ladies will give this a try. The super-short pixie works for thin hair because you don’t have to worry about adding any extra details to make it look fuller.

Very Short Pixie Cut for Thin Hair
Photo: @hair_beat

32. Shaggy Bob with a Middle Part

The soft layers fall around the face to give your round face shape definition, while the trendy shaggy cut provides tons of movement.

Shaggy Bob Cut for Round Face
Photo: @headdress_hairsalon

33. Angled Brown Bob

Framing the face is one of the most essential things to remember when you are trying to flatter your thin hair—and this easy bob perfectly demonstrates that.

Tousled Brown Bob with Bangs for Thin Hair
Photo: @brianhickman1

34. Dark Blonde Textured Bob

A darker-to-lighter hair color is a smart trick to bring thin hair the illusion of thickness with very little effort. To take things even further all you need to do is add some texture.

Honey Blonde Textured Bob for Thin Hair
Photo: @penelopeloveshair

35. Blonde Romantic Curls

Loose romantic curls on medium-length thin hair will give you the necessary texture to make it more voluminous and dynamic.

Medium-Length Thin Hair with Loose Curls
Photo: @hirohair

36. White Razored Bob with Shadow Roots

The way the bangs of this wispy bob flow softly over the eye provides an element of mystery that flatters the round face. Shadow roots work for added depth and thickness.

Wispy White Bob with Bangs
Photo: @basementsweet

37. Long Pixie

Add a little rockstar flair with an edgy pixie designed for the ladies who want to make an impact whenever they enter the room. This pixie hugs the face perfectly adding the necessary height on top.

Long Edgy Pixie for a Round Face
Photo: @chernyshova.nataliia

38. Wavy Long Hair with Highlights

It may be a little longer than the other hairstyle options in this round-up, but some extra length is certainly ideal for women who have a round face that they want to balance out.

Long Wavy Hairstyle for a Round Face
Photo: @jennkhair

39. Long Bronde Bob

Practically all women have flirted with this hairstyle at one time or another, so don’t hesitate to bring it back and upgrade it with a modern dimensional color to make it look thicker.

Modern Bronde Bob Hairstyle
Photo: @sarahpeakemuah

40. Curly Shaggy Bob

You don’t need thick hair to look like you have it! In fact, all you need is a few tricks of the trade, like adding some shaggy layers and tousled curls to your basic bob.

Tousled Bob with Shaggy Layers
Photo: @mefiu

Having looked through this round-up, you can see that haircuts for round faces and thin hair run the gamut from pixies to bobs, lobs, and shags that complement a variety of personality types. Have fun choosing the style that makes you feel your most beautiful.