40 Cute Short Hairstyles for Round Faces with Double Chin

40 Cute Short Hairstyles for Round Faces with Double Chin

There are a lot of short hairstyles for round faces and double chins to choose from that will have you looking amazing in no time. Initially, you may think that having short hair when you have a round or full face only makes your face look larger, but it can actually flatter your face. The key is to decide on a short hairstyle that is complementary to not only your face shape—but also your hair type and your lifestyle.

Get ready to run to your stylist after checking out this collection of hairstyles – these are real finds for women with round faces!

1. Half-Shaved Blonde Cut

Here’s an extreme haircut for an equally extreme personality and also an interesting haircut for a double chin—it’s great for those of you who love an edgy look.

Edgy Half-Shaved Haircut for a Double Chin
Photo: @lokelhairstudio

2. Textured Medium Cut

Proving that adding a little texture to your hairstyle can make all the difference, this is one of the best hairstyles for double chins—and it’s all because of the focus shifted to the top where you get added texture.

Short-to-Medium Textured Cut for Double Chins
Photo: @brianhickman1

3. Messy Cropped Pixie

When it comes to haircuts for double chins, many may be afraid to opt for an extremely short look like a pixie, but as this style proves, it can be quite flattering.

Cropped Pixie Haircut for Double Chins
Photo: @choppedndrewed

4. Razored Pixie with Lavender Bangs

Experimenting with hair color is such a fun way to inject some personality into your hairstyle, like taking the plunge with colorful bangs.

Black Razored Pixie with Colorful Bangs
Photo: @salon13pgh

5. Black Angled Bob

Hands down, this is easily the best haircut for a double chin. The reason why it’s so flattering is because of how expertly it’s angled and styled—all those hacks that suit a double chin are taken into account.

The Best Bob Haircut for a Double Chin
Photo: @machine_hair

6. Medium Razored Bob with Bangs

When you want to take a classic haircut and give it a modern twist, all you need is an undone look that can be achieved with a razored cut and messy styling.

Messy Razored Bob Haircut
Photo: @rebecca_inthelab

7. Inverted Feathered Bob

Here is another hairstyle to show you how to hide a double chin with the right haircut. It’s all about the downward angles and dark color that create the illusion of a more defined jawline.

Feathered Bob for a Double Chin
Photo: @samanthahoskin_az_hairstylist

8. Curly Blonde Bob

As for cute, plus size hairstyles for a double chin…this one is at the top of the list. It features flattering curls that are modern and don’t add extra bulk to the face.

Curly Plus Size Bob Hairstyles for a Double Chin
Photo: @vasia.kirilyk

9. Black and Red Asymmetrical Curly Crop

The way the hair color is placed throughout makes this short hairstyle ideal for photos because it looks so cool from different angles.

Asymmetrical Short Hairstyle with Red Highlights
Photo: @iyajoy.beauty

10. Edgy Undercut Pixie

If it’s chubby with a double chin, your round face will be complemented with a proper haircut that draws attention upward to your cool undercut and edgy razored layers.

Undercut Pixie for a Chubby Face with a Double Chin
Photo: @tanyusha_younusova

11. Highlighted Textured Bob

Modern bobs follow a familiar path that includes a cut flattering from every angle, well-placed texture, and soft highlights.

Modern Textured Bob for a Round Face
Photo: @_90skiid

12. Pixie with Baby Bangs

For all the women who are confident and don’t mind showing off their round face, perhaps this is a cute hairstyle option for you.

Cute Short Cut with Baby Bangs for Round Faces
Photo: @tetemadehair

13. Extreme Pixie

If the hair is not really on your list of priorities, opting for an extremely short haircut like this one is likely the best way to go.

Extremely Short Pixie Haircut
Photo: @beaute_business

14. A-Line Bob with a Side Part

The classic “Mom” Bob has stood the test of time because it simply always looks fresh and instantly updates drab hair.

Classic A-Line Bob for a Round Face
Photo: @reesetravishairartist

15. Curly Auburn Crop

A pop of spicy hair color can uplift an otherwise underwhelming hairstyle. Just remember to keep it fresh with regular appointments to your colorist.

Pixie Crop for Curly Hair
Photo: @shelby.loos

16. Textured Mullet

If you never thought you’d see the return of the popular 80s mullet, well, take a look. Channel your inner rockstar with this funky style.

Funky Cury Mullet for a Round Face
Photo: @wowcoolwow

17. Messy Tapered Cut with Long Bangs

An easy way to embrace a short haircut while also holding on to a bit of length is to try it with long bangs and a short tapered nape.

Cut with Long Bangs and Tapered Nape
Photo: @parkavehershey

18. Messy Cut for Wavy Hair

If you have naturally curly hair you probably know the struggle of trying to find short haircuts that flatter it—but here is a cute option.

Cute Short Messy Wavy Cut
Photo: @skipdoeshair

19. Dark Brown Curly Bob with Bangs

Bobs always look good, but they look even better when they are jazzed up with a bit of texture. This curly style is absolutely adorable.

Layered Bob with Bangs for Curly Hair
Photo: @curlycosiqueen

20. Red Wavy Bob

You have everything you need in this hairstyle to complement a round face – a vibrant hair color, soft, messy texture, and beautiful cut.

Beautiful Wavy Bob for a Round Face
Photo: @jldoeshair

21. Dark Pink Long Pixie

Yes, you can still rock a pixie with a round face, especially if it features a little bit more length than normal. A bonus is if you decide to add an unexpected hair color as well.

Long Pixie for a Round Face
Photo: @michellesbeauty926

22. Half Shaved Wavy Pixie

Keep your hair short and sweet, but also rockstar glam by adding an undercut, soft waves, and understated pink highlights.

Wavy Pixie with a Shaved Side
Photo: @ravenandrosehairstudio

23. Black Pixie with Finger Waves

Take a good look at how expertly cut and styled this haircut is because these elements are exactly what a round face needs to standout.

Black Pixie for a Round Face
Photo: @hairbydonetta

24. Red Buzz Cut

The buzz cut has been around for quite a while, and it may not be the most popular choice for a round face, but it can work.

Buzz Cut for a Round Face
Photo: @machine_hair

25. Curly Brown Bob

One of the best features of a bob haircut is that whether you decide to wear it straight and sleek or with added texture, it always looks fabulous.

Brown Bob for Curly Hair
Photo: @mefiu

26. Black Undercut for Thick Hair

Here’s another example of how to rock an undercut when you have a round face and/or a double chin.

Undercut with Textured Top for a Double Chin
Photo: @hairbyallison918

27. Textured Pixie for Thick Hair

A side-swept bang will always give any hairstyle a stylish appearance—and this particular pixie proves it.

Pixie with Side-Swept Bangs for Thick Hair
Photo: @candace.ellersick

28. Soft Blonde Cut with a Side Part

The softness of your cute face can be complemented by an equally soft pixie haircut. Complete it with asymmetrical bangs and a feminine blonde color.

Asymmetrical Blonde Pixie with Bangs
Photo: @liyana_avanesyan

29. Red Crop with Temple Undercut

Red hair stands out from the crowd thanks to its vibrancy. If you pair it with a bold cut, it will draw even more attention.

Bold Short Red Crop
Photo: @racheljoystratton

30. Wavy Bob with Curtain Bangs

A layered bob with bangs is a surefire choice for a round face. When you decide to add waves to your hairstyle, expect to get a lot of compliments on your look!

Wavy Layered Bob with Bangs for a Round Face
Photo: @kabukihaircutters

31. Red Choppy Pixie

Another example of how the combination of a flattering hair color and proper short haircut, can literally work wonders for a round face.

Short Choppy Pixie Haircut for a Round Face
Photo: @brianhickman1

32. Black TWA for a Round Face

Short natural hair is very cute and easy to maintain. A slightly longer natural hairstyle will also be flattering in this case, but a neat TWA is a good start.

Neat Black TWA
Photo: @melaniej.hair

33. Fade with Spiky Top

Add an element of personality to your short cut by playing with the direction of bangs and spike them up instead of wearing flat.

Short Spiky Cut with Fade
Photo: @tetemadehair

34. Short Choppy Bob with Bangs

Finding the right balayage hair color that works best with your cut, complexion, and hair texture can be a complicated task, but with a good stylist and colorist, it’s easy to succeed.

Choppy Bob with Red Balayage
Photo: @enrfxandhair

35. Ash Blonde Bob with Waves

Adding loose waves is one of the best ways to give naturally thin hair the boost it needs to look thicker.

Bob with Waves for Thin Hair
Photo: @hairbydanaeyk

36. Platinum Blonde Crop

If blondes have more fun, then platinum blondes have all the fun! The bright platinum shade is definitely the standout of this haircut.

Blonde Pixie Crop for a Double Chin
Photo: @devonartofhair

37. Pixie Mullet with Baby Bangs

Playing with lengths, angles, and textures of the pixie cut is one of the best things you can do for a round face to ensure you find the best look.

Pixie Mullet for a Round Face
Photo: @alyssazkhair

38. Soft Feathered Bob

Opting for a soft cut and a soft color will guarantee you a flattering look for a round face. This bob is a great choice for fine hair.

Short Feathered Bob for Fine Hair and Round Face
Photo: @liyana_avanesyan

39. Strawberry Blonde Buzz Cut

Strawberry blondes straddle the line between red and blonde hair…and the results are generally really beautiful.

Very Short Strawberry Blonde Cut
Photo: @jojohairstudio

40. Curly Shag for a Round Face

Keeping texture at the top of your head, and then gradually fading it out along the sides is just what a round face calls for.

Short-to-Medium Curly Shag for a Full Face
Photo: @alexandracutme

Hopefully, after looking through this collection of short hairstyles for round faces and double chins, you’ll be inspired to pay a visit to your stylist and make a lovely makeover.